Soup Day a Success

COS clubs attempt the impossible: feeding hungry college students.

COS’s Pride Club, Social Workers Club, ASB and Sustainability Club gave out soup on campus for free on Thursday. Their common goal was to feed the hungry students of COS who daily come to school hungry and lack the funds to buy food.

Charles Parker, a English Professor at COS supports the clubs that are hosting Soup Day. The event was hosted by the Pride Club, with support from the Social Workers Club, ASB and Sustainability Club.

Rebecca Peter, vice president of the Social Workers Club, lamented over the issue. “Students come hungry and finances are hard,” Peter said.

They provided 14 to 15 different kinds of soups and fed 450 students in two hours. Andre Gomez, Vice President of the Pride Club and also a member of the Social Workers Club, had the idea and was motivated to go through with it.

“It was a way to give back,” Gomez said.

Pride Club’s and Social Workers Club’s first soup day was last semester and was much smaller than Thursday’s. Part of this is because of the support they received from ASB this semester, whereas last semester they hadn’t approached ASB.

President of the ASB, Stephanie Garcia explained the support.

“Last semester they wanted to try it out,” Garcia said. “It was the accumulated purpose of getting people to know that students come hungry and wanting to feed the student body.”

The Social Workers Club wanted to provide food to a starving student body directly, instead of taking an abstract method like petitioning the school or raising money.

The soup was donated through Pride Club, Social Workers Club and ASB. Each club then cooked a few assigned soups that morning and put them out around 10.

“I am glad this was incredibly successful and proud of the people who volunteered to get here early and help with the set up,” Garcia said.

The Sustainability Club also had a similar idea and was ready to organize their own day of free food, but heard about what the clubs were already doing and decided to join in. After a report was released last semester of how many students were coming to school hungry, and still couldn’t pay for a lunch, many clubs reacted and decided to do something about it.

“The best way to feed students was to feed students,” said Philip Christiansen, President of the Sustainability Club.

Donations were also welcomed and are going into the fund for the Eric James Borges scholarship for LGBT students who are transferring. The main reasoning behind the Pride Club doing this, besides feeding hungry students, was to be seen.

“No matter the different sexuality, we’re all just people,” said Gomez. “There is a huge stigma in the Central Valley and we’re here to get rid of that stigma.”

The soups served included chicken noodle, clam chowder, sweet and sour veggie, sweet sausage, chicken and dumplings, creamy mushroom, shell noodle, chili, vegetable beef and wild rice and chicken.

There is not another soup day being planned for this semester by the Pride Club or Social Workers Club, but there may be another day where free food is handed out to students by the Sustainability Club.

“A lot of people aren’t hungry today,” said Peter.

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