Summer School Still Out Of The Question

The idea of summer school returning to COS is still gloomy.

“We can always hope [for summer school],” said Duncan Graham, vice president of student services.

Graham stated that as of right now for the 2012 and 2013 year there is still no room to bring back summer school. With summer school out of the budget and classes being cut, COS is also looking at another budget cut this year which is a projection factor from the state to the schools, also known as the deficit factor, of a rough 15-20% cut.  It is expected to be around $500,000 to $800,000.  Graham stated that they are still unsure of the exact amount but hope for the best.

Of course with budget cuts there also comes anger from students and questions as to why are we renovating and creating new buildings and the new track.

Graham tried to clear the air of these misconceptions.

“It looks as though we’re shouting that we have no money and here we are renovating the school, but the money received by the school from the state for those projects can only be specifically used for those projects and nothing else.”

The money received for the renovating was granted in 2006 under measure I, along with measure C and J. For more information on measures C, I and J visit the College of Sequoias website at

One thought on “Summer School Still Out Of The Question

  1. If COS can manage to get a hold of funds to build a stupid monstrosity of a gym, (When there was nothing wrong with the old one, might I add.) or to build a lab-rat-maze of a new parking lot, (Whoever designed the new parking lot should be kicked out of America.) why is it so hard to get the money to fund summer school? This is a great big scam, people, and when I presented the Board with that question, they could NOT answer me, because quite frankly there is NO good reason!
    Here’s what it really comes down to: The Board of Trustees cancelled summer classes because they knew that we, the students, wouldn’t do a darn thing about it! When I approached the ASB representative that sits on the Board and asked him what he’s going to try and do to get our summer classes back, do you know what he said? He said “I’m finishing school this semester anyways, so I honestly don’t care if we don’t have summer classes.” The sad part is, that’s an accurate representation of the students’ voices: We just don’t care.

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