Are you depriving yourself of sleep?

As students, many of us don’t get the right amount of sleep that is ideal for us. Being sleep deprived is something that many students suffer from. Being sleep deprived is caused by not getting enough sleep. However, being sleep deprived and having sleep debt are two different things.

Being in sleep debt is when you miss a couple hours of sleep during the week and you catch up another time or during the weekend. “There are many causes of sleep deprivation. The stresses of daily life may intrude upon our ability to sleep well, or perhaps we trade sleep for more work or play,” said Michael J. Bereus. PhD.

Some of the symptoms in sleep deprivation are loss in interest, irritability, social inept, memory loss, bad concentration, stress cracker, and strange appetite changes. All these symptoms will interfere with your daily routine. By being more irritable you will find that you will be more annoyed with anything that will usually not annoy you other wise.

While having loss in interest you will see that it will be harder to pay attention. Being extremely sensitive emotionally is also something that will affect you. Some of the long-term affects of being sleep deprived are high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, heart failure, attention defect disorder (ADD), and other psychiatric problems.

Some ways to help you get out of sleep deprivation are; determining how much sleep you need a day to feel well rested and multiplying that number by seven. This is the amount of sleep you will need a week. A way to help you determine this number is by counting how many hours of sleep you get a week. A huge way to help you get back on track with your sleep is by taking catnaps. Additionally by a way of helping you get tired at night is working out at night. That will get you body tired and will make it easier to fall asleep at night. Taking a hot shower at night will also help relax your body and help you fall asleep.

Many students have hectic schedules. Nonetheless, by being sleep deprived will cause more problems than helping you. Make sure to get enough hours of sleep each night and keep a healthy diet.

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