For the Record rocked the 210

For the Record performing at 210. Photo by: Richard Samaniego

Student band “For The Record” comes together with bands “Sometime Yesterday” and “The Cyclones” to offer a variety of musical genres at the Summers Over Now show downtown at Café 210 on Friday the 23.

“For the Record” is a Ska band that formed one month ago. Although the band is new, they have been working on getting a Ska band together since high school. They pieced together the brass section from members of the C. O. S. Jazz band.

Lead singer and guitarist Asa Wagonner has been playing for six years and is an English major here at COS. Michael Couslon on rhythm guitar, Sean Draper on bass and Ryan Clifford on drums along with the brass section consisting of Jose Ochoa on tenor sax, Niko East on trombone and Luke Savage on the trumpet. Ochoa, East, and Savage are all Musical Education Majors here at COS.

When asked why they make music Wagonner said, “Once it hits you, its like heroin, but without the bad side effects.”

“Bands inspire me,” said Draper. “I want to inspire people too.”

For the Record’s Couslon and Draper live in San Jose where they work and attend school, but Visalia is their hometown. They make the drive during the weekends and just made it to Visalia before the show to cram some practice in for a few hours.

“We came down last night, had a 3 or 4 hour practice and were good!” said Draper. “It’s easy to come together and play with these guys.”

Friday’s show started at seven, with a small crowd that slowly built up as the night progressed. The first band up was “Sometime Yesterday”, a new age rock band that had good vocals. The second band up was “The Cyclones”, an insttrumental band that rocks with the feel of a Quentin Tarintino movie. They had a great surfer sound with tons of energy.

Last up was “For the Record”, who started playing some of their original songs. Their Ska-like sound came out with the brass section ripping through the notes. The whole band came together to wow the audience not only with their music, but also with banter and comedy.

Even with some technical difficulties, the band put on a great show. They did some cover songs of the band Reel Big Fish including Beer, a popular radio tune back in the late nineties. The ska genre of music was really at its peak then, but still continues to be a musical influence.

“For this area it’s very limited, to our knowledge we are the only Ska band in town,” said Savage “It gives us a monopoly but its hard to put together an all Ska show.”

“We are bookable, if you have a show we will play,” Draper said.

For anyone looking to book shows the band can be found on Facebook at

“Right now we are just trying to get our name out there,” Savage said. “Our manager is like the Queen of England. He’s there but he really doesn’t do anything.”

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  1. I’d like to see these guys play. It’s great to know there are still people into ska music. I tried to start a ska band (I’m a drummer) three years ago but couldn’t find any other musicians interested in ska music.

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